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Welcome to your high-performance stake pool

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RaceX Team
RaceX Team

RaceX Pool is inspired by high-performance cars because we love it and many of the concepts to build a supercar is also true to our Stake pool.

Our main mission is to contribute to Cardano's blockchain, by staking our rewards and our delegator's ADA, to guarantee the security of the network.


We run our nodes under the best tecnological specification, keeping in mind the cost efficience to achieve a optimal performance in terms of block mint.

Our infrastructure is powered by AWS Cloud, with 3 nodes running 24/7 and 365 days. we aim to have 99.9% availability time.

Lastly the most important point is related to the secuty of our stack, where we take advantage of builtin Firewall to that protect our nodes and the network.


We have more than 20 years of experience in Enterprise and Cloud Software Development. We're also crypto investor since 2017.